Emergency Care Symposium 2015

Date: Friday, 13 November 2015

Venue: Stamford Plaza Sydney Airport


Choosing Wisely - Dr Robyn Lindner

Less waste, better care, what's the evidence telling us? - Dr Rod Bishop

How better information on ED activity and ED costs helps my ED

IHPA Costing Study - Susan Dunn

ABF Portal and Assessment of the Mental Health Patient Project - Dr Nadia Bowman

Innovations: from the bush to the beach (Part 1)

a. GP Resus Protocols at Maclean - Dr Dean Robertson

b. Implementation of Facia Illiaca Block in ED - Julie Gawthorne

c. Mona Vale EDSSU SIBR - Dr Tom Wallis, Elisa Nickson and James Bradley

Ultrasound in ED: getting it all together - Dr Lee Blair

Policy Updates 2015: changes we need to know - Dr Sally McCarthy

This year and next: Q&A with the ECI Advisory Committees

a. Clinical - Dr John Mackenzie

b. Incident - Dr Jacqui Irvine and Anne Hawkins

c. Research - Prof Kate Curtis

Innovations: from the bush to the beach (Part 2)

a. Ultrasonographer in ED - Dr Genevieve Carbonatto

b. Interhospital Transfer Escalation Protocol - Dr Trish Saccasan-Whelan

c. Buckle Fractures - Glenda Mullen

New and Emerging Clinical Practice

Management of paracetamol poisoning - Dr Angela Chiew

Advances in Trauma - A/Prof Tony Joseph

Deep Dive into Clinical Controversies

Pain Relief and Oral Opioids - Dr Betty Chan

Peripheral Vasopressors - Dr Lucy Lutze

Fluid Resuscitation - A/Prof Cliff Reid

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