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Urinary Symptoms Nurse Management Guidelines

Red Flag Exclusion Criteria

  • Child at risk of significant harm

  • Possible sexual assault

  • Suspected non-accidental injury

  • Unplanned repeat ED presentation

  • Child ≤ 12 years

  • Macroscopic haematuria

  • Symptoms for > 7 days

  • Pregnancy with gestation ≥ 19 weeks

  • Loin pain

  • Abdominal distention / tenderness / pain

  • Existing urological abnormality including urological devices (IDC / SPC)

  • Recent urology surgery

  • New onset confusion / altered mentation

  • History of workplace injury

  • Yellow or Red Zones observations or additional criteria outlined in the NSW Health Standard Observation Charts

Additional Observations

  • Obtain MSU and complete urinalysis. If positive for leukocytes and / or nitrites retain / send sample for formal pathology analysis as per local protocols.

  • Add urine ßHCG for females of potential child bearing age e.g. 10 – 50 years

  • Blood glucose level - consult a doctor if result is outside the range 4 to 15 mmol/L

Additional History

For females establish menses cycle

Management Principles

  1. Encourage increased oral fluids

  2. For adult patients only, administer Ural® as per Standing Orders

  3. Provide analgesia as required according to pain scale. See Pain (any cause) NMG.

  4. If urinalysis positive for leukocytes and / or nitrites commence cephalexin as per Standing Orders and local facility guidelines

  5. Document assessment findings, interventions, investigations and outcomes

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