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Red Flag Modules

The Red Flags Modules: Sharing lessons learned

There is enormous potential for positive shifts in practice to follow from the sharing of lessons learned from ED incidents. Efforts should be made to de-stigmatise risk and failure, and to promote sharing experiences and continuous learning.

The modules are based on cases that have had an RCA performed, and offer pertinent lessons for clinicians, students and those managing clinical environments. These cases have been chosen as they are typical of many similar cases, and demonstrate outcomes when red flags in a patient’s presentation or ongoing clinical response have not been properly addressed. The modules are designed to stimulate thinking as to how adverse events could have been avoided and are a valuable individual or group learning resource. Case descriptions have been interposed with questions at critical points to trigger the clinician’s thinking. Each module concludes with the lessons learned from the incident, and an evidence-based discussion of the red flags.

  • Presenter (Don’t look here if you want to do the case yourself)

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