Low Flow Nasal Prong Oxygen


Used to deliver Oxygen at low flow rates 2-4L.

Approximate oxygen concentrations:

L/min            %    

1                   24    

2                   28    

3                   32    

4                   35    

Nasal prongs are available in 3 different sizes (neonatal, paediatric and adult).

  • Maximum 2L/minute in infants/children <2yrs

  • Maximum 4L/min over 2yrs

Any flows greater than this result in discomfort to the patient, drying of the nasal passages and epistaxis.


  • Simple, convenient to use and inexpensive

  • Rebreathing of CO2 is not a potential complication

  • Well tolerated and allows patient to eat and drink.


  • Not suitable if nasal passages are blocked or in those that are mouth breathers

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