Bladder scanners

There are many indications for using a bladder scanner to supplement your clinical findings. Occasionally, urinary retention is overlooked as a cause of abdominal pain or agitation in demented patients. Urinary retention does occur in women as a result of medications, infections or anatomical abnormalities. Is anuria due to lack of urine or obstruction?

Use an ultrasound or bladder scanner before suprapubic taps, given you have expertise in these.

Bladder scanners come in many forms:

The Verathon BladderScan BVI9400 has:

A detailed user guide for this model.

A YouTube demo is available.

General information incl. functions, specification and applications.

The CUBEscan BioCon -500 has the following resources available:

A detailed user guide highlighting everything you needed to know and more.

A YouTube video for this model.

General information including the functions, specifications and applications.

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