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Bites and Stings

Bites and Stings

FREE. Released 2014. Prepared in collaboration with experts from the Australian Venom Research Unit, this app is a useful reference for anyone likely to come into contact with venomous Australian creatures. In clinical practice it is a useful patient education tool. There is an overview of the appearances of various sea and land creatures, where they are commonly found and signs and symptoms associated with bites (although no detail of the specific snake bite syndrome). From a management point of view it gives a structured approach to in the field first aid including indications for Pressure Bandaging Immobilisation (PBI) and a handy section on the technique with accompanying pictures. A welcome addition would be a quick reference clinician section on antivenom. A more prescriptive approach to hospital management of snake and spider bites can be found in the NSW Health Snakebite and Spiderbite Clinical Management Guidelines 2014 on the Envenomation page.

Bites and Stings (Apple)

Bites and Stings (Android)

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