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Eye Emergency Manual

FREE. Version 2.0 provides a major update that introduces a number of improvements. A glossary has been added to the app covering all the common terms found within the pages. Pages now include links to glossary terms so definitions can be viewed in context. The main navigation has been redesigned to enable clear and easy access to the various sections. Clinicians can now star frequently used pages for quick and easy access.

The consensus eye emergency clinical guidelines were developed by ophthalmic and emergency clinicians of the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and were published in the Eye Emergency Manual first in 2007. The app was originally released in 2013 designed for use by medical, nursing and allied health clinicians in Emergency Departments across NSW. The app provides a quick and simple guide to recognising important signs and symptoms, management of common eye emergencies and will also be of assistance in triaging patients to appropriate care within the health system.

Sydney Eye Hospital Pharmacopoeia

Sydney Eye Hospital Pharmacopoeia App Image FREE. The Sydney Eye Hospital Pharmacopoeia is an application which provides quick and easy access to reference information for medications used in ophthalmic practice. Drugs can be searched by generic or Australian brand name. Each drug entry includes information on indications, dosage, access & availability, special considerations & precautions and adverse reactions & monitoring. A quick access guide to intravitreal drug dilutions is also provided.
This application is designed for use by Australian medical personnel and is not intended for the general public.

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