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FREE but requires ‘in app’ purchases to get the full benefit of the app. If you have problems remembering mneumonics such as PERC, HASBLED, SMART-COP, ABCD2 then MedCalc 3.0 is the perfect app for you. It has over 300 medical formulas, scores and scales which aid in patient diagnosis, risk stratification and classification of disease severity. In the heat of the moment these aide-memoire are available in a handy, graphically pleasing format with succinct explanations and are well referenced through PubMed. This app also contains a handy Snellen chart, tooth numbering chart and dermatome map. There is an option to create a customised list of your favourite ‘go-to’ equations. Unfortunately, the full complement of formulae are only available through an in app purchase of $4.99. The additional benefit of the ‘unlocking’ process is the patient management feature, whereby you can upload patient details (more likely to be useful for your ICU patients or those on an anaesthetic list) and create a patient profile by importing the results of relevant scoring systems, vital signs and by adding your own notes. Available for Apple only.

MedCalX for iOS

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