Paediatric Sepsis Toolkit

"Prompt administration of antibiotics and resuscitation fluids is vital in the management of the patient with sepsis. The goal is to commence antibiotic therapy within the first hour of diagnosis of sepsis".


If you diagnose Sepsis then resuscitate your patient in the ABCDE system.

When you get to C (circulation), place an IV line and give fluids at 20 mls/kg (there are few contraindications in an acutely unwell patient with sepsis, but if you have concerns give a smaller bolus and consult your senior ED physician).

After this, follow the pathway giving IV antibiotics either empirically or directed at source if clear.

For fluids and antibiotics; chart them, advise the nurse who will give them and ensure they are given in a timely manner.

We present here the direct routes to paediatric and neonatal antibiotic guidelines and administration information.

Further Resources

Full information and resources for the Sepsis project, including the full toolkit, educational and training resources, contacts and details of the program, are available by clicking here to access the CEC Sepsis website.

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