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ED Quality Framework Death Audit

What is the project?

The aim of this project is for the sites to facilitate a review and revitalisation of death screening and review processes as well as the conduct of M&M meetings to ensure they are consistent with best practice. By the end of the project we hope to get a better sense of what is working well in supporting effective death review processes in the ED.

What resources are available?

The document below provides a range of resources which can be selected to customize and use to suit your local context. They are not designed to be prescriptive but to aid the sites in reviewing their processes.

Admitted Patient Death Screening and Review Database

The Clinical Excellence Commission’s (CEC’s) Admitted Patient Death Screening and Review Database provides Local Health Districts and Speciality Networks (LHDs/SNs) with a standardised best-practice method of screening all in-hospital patient deaths within 45 days. The Death Review Database is a safety and quality web-based screening tool accessed through the NSW Health Intranet. Key functions are to provide a minimum data set for death review that supports data collection, analysis and comparison, and to automate reporting. In October 2014 the death review database was rolled out to all NSW Local Health Districts (except Far West LHD) and the Justice & Forensic Mental Health Network.

Over time, the Death Review Database will provide LHDs/SNs with access to de-identified comparative Statewide reports, enabling more in-depth local analysis. The CEC will be responsible for statewide analysis and reporting of safety and quality issues arising from the data entered into the database, in consultation with LHDs/SNs.

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