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ED Quality Framework Project

What is the project?

The Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM) Policy on a quality framework for emergency departments was developed due to the belief that ‘a quality culture is fundamental to the provision of the highest standard of care in Australasian emergency departments’.

This policy has been developed by the ECI into standards (with supporting tools and resources) to allow assessment and implementation in Emergency Departments (EDs) across NSW. Quality Support Officer (QSO) posts have been funded by the MoH in 24 EDs throughout NSW to help support ED teams to establish a quality team, implement and evaluate this ED Quality Framework and undertake a range of quality projects.

Why is this project important?

  • There is a significant focus on quality of care in ED’s but no consistent way of measuring ED quality
  • To embed a culture of quality
  • Provide a framework for the necessary ongoing development and maturing of quality indicators and processes under five clinical profiles :
    • Administrative
    • Clinical
    • Education & Training
    • Professional
    • Research

Who is participating?

There are 23 sites participating in the project. Click here to see which EDs these are.

How will the project run?

The ED Quality Framework Standards support services to self-assess their performance in delivering quality services and care as well as planning future improvements to their education and care service. Whilst the standards provide a framework and guide for organisations the approach to improving and sustaining the quality and safety of clinical practice, culture and service provision will be dependent upon the individual organisation. A Quality team needs to be established with clear roles and responsibilities to support the implementation of the quality framework and it is recommended that this include:

  • Medical staff
  • Nursing staff
  • Quality Support Officer
  • Clerical staff
  • Allied Health staff
  • Hospital Management

The Quality Team will self assess the ED’s compliance against each standard, record evidence of current good practice and identify areas for further improvement. From this, issues for priority action can be identified and a Quality Improvement Plan be developed which will

  • Include actions to address those standards not met in the self assessment
  • Include measurable outcomes of the actions identified
  • Acts as the overarching work plan for the Quality Team.

Please note: the ED Quality Framework provides a department specific focus for quality improvement in Emergency Departments. Attainment against these standards will provide evidence for applicable National Safety and Quality Health Service Standards and other accreditation programs. Organisational processes currently required of emergency departments should be integrated into this Quality Improvement Plan. There is no intent that this process duplicates existing required processes, but rather supplements them by being more relevant and specific to the work of Emergency Departments.

Progress so far

Keep up to date with where the project is at with the quarterly progress reports available:

Mandatory projects

All sites will participate in two projects:

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