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ED Senior Assessment and Streaming


In 2011, the NSW Emergency Department (ED) Senior Assessment and Streaming (ED SAS) model of care was developed by the NSW Emergency Care Institute.

The model challenges the traditional approach to care of patients in ED who are not usually seen by senior medical staff until late in their stay in the ED. ED SAS facilitates timely assessment, treatment plan initiation and disposition decision (if appropriate) for patients immediately following triage. The model is undertaken by senior ED medical staff and also encompasses streaming of patients to the most appropriate place for their care. This may be within the ED or away from the ED (e.g. direct referral to a Medical Assessment Unit).

Subsequently, an implementation toolkit was developed to assist EDs wanting to implement the model. 15 EDs in NSW were provided with funding in 2012 to implement the model using the model of care document and implementation toolkit. Funding was available to for project officers to lead the implementation, minor capital works and equipment required for the implementation.

Available to assist with implementation are the following:

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