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ECI Research Symposium 2021

The 4th ECI Research Symposium was held virtually on Friday 25 June 2021.

The focus of the symposium was on knowledge sharing, collaboration and networking with focus on supporting clinicians who are interested in developing their skills in research and establish a research portfolio.

The day started with a presentation delivered by Prof Katie Walker on the current ED research capacity in Australian and New Zealand which was followed by a presentation from Bureau of Health Information (BHI) describing all BHI ED-performance-related reports and the results from the recent BHI ED patient satisfaction survey. A number of talks followed on topics including improving the safety and quality of emergency nursing care, funding opportunities and potential collaboration with the Australasian College of Emergency Medicine Clinical Trial Network, Emergency Medicine Foundation and the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI). The morning session concluded with a workshop on Survey Design and research poster presentations.

The afternoon session kicked off with a presentation by Dr Jean-Frederic Levesque on the ACI’s Research Vision and Mission and a session on the use of big data in health care delivered by Dr Amith Shetty and A/Prof Gerard O’Reilly. This was followed with eight research papers presentations. The diversity of research reflected the nature of emergency care and included topics on toxicology, sepsis management, fundus photography, musculoskeletal injury management interventions, airway management, ED models of care and trauma related topics. The science was of high quality and all generated keen discussion. The day concluded with an workshop on writing for presentation delivered by Prof Margaret Fry. Workshop material and slides from the various presentations will be available on the ECI research page shortly.

ECI wish to thank all the speakers and the participants who contributed to a highly successful event.


01_Prof Katie Walker_Research capacity of Australian and New Zealand emergency departments

02_BHI_Dr Alison Witchard and Hayley Forbes_Bureau of Health Information reporting on Emergency Department Care in NSW

03_Prof Kate Curtis_Improving the safety and quality of emergency nursing care

05_Dr Angie Nguyen Vu_Supporting clinician-led research to advance emergency healthcare

06_Dr Duncan Rintoul_Workshop Design

08_Dr Henry Ko_Partnering with ACI on TRGS and NHMRC Research Grants

09_Prof Gerard OReilly_Dr Amith Shetty_The Use of Big Data in Health Care

11_Samuel Browning_The impact on patient management of non-mydriatic fundus photography

12_Alla Melman_Low back pain diagnosis in the ED compared to hospital discharge

13_Andrew Lawsone_CROSSFIRE_Surgical plating vs closed reduction for fractures in the distal radius in older patients

14_Christopher Partyka_SABRE_Serratus anterior plane block in addition to protocolised care bundles

15_Jessica Freeman_Mapping haemodynamic changes in response to Rapid Sequence Induction agents ANZEDAR study

16_Lilian Wong_Identifying the impact and activities of physiotherapy practitioners in Eds

17_Trish Lemin_Incidents in highway construction zones A case study of NSW Pacific Highway construction zones 2011-16_

18_Prof Margaret Fry_Research Master Class 2021

18a_Prof Margaret Fry_Writting for Publication

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