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ED COVID-19 Community of Practice

COVID-19 Emergency Department Resources

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  • Aims

    The ACI’s Emergency Care Institute (ECI) has formed a community of practice (CoP) to provide an opportunity for sharing of ideas, strategies, local solutions and concerns with respect to COVID-19 Pandemic preparedness.

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    The Emergency Department CoP (EDCoP) is open to all clinicians involved in delivering care to any patient seeking emergency care in NSW. Membership is open broadly to include all interested NSW Health staff from each LHD and Specialty Health Network, as well as professional colleges, people who use emergency department services in NSW, private providers/clinicians and other non-government organisations.


    Community of practice meetings will:

    • support clinicians from all districts to network and share strategies, local solutions and issues with respect to pandemic preparedness for respiratory
    • identify, prioritise and escalate issues related to COVID-19 which are actually or potentially affecting clinicians providing respiratory care that require a statewide or system response
    • review and provide expert clinical advice on guidelines, resources and other information
    • share Ministry-approved advice and resources on the response to COVID-19 that can be circulated within all districts and networks.

    The COP will meet on Wednesdays from 3 – 4pm and will be supported by Dr Lai Heng Foong and the ECI team. The frequency of meetings will vary according to need and be guided by the NSW COVID-19 Infection Prevention and Control Response and Escalation Framework, changes in frequency will be communicated by the ECI team.

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