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Consumer Enablement

Linking people with resources to support and promote consumer enablement approaches across the healthcare spectrum.

Consumer enablement is the extent to which people understand their health conditions and have the confidence, skills, knowledge and ability to actively manage their health and wellbeing and access the healthcare services they need.

Consumer Enablement Guide

Enablement in health is associated with behaviours like active self-management and adoption of healthy life choices and has become a well-accepted indicator of quality of care.

The ACI has developed the Consumer Enablement Guide: a comprehensive web resource that brings together concepts, evidence and resources to inform and support the use of enablement approaches in clinical practice.

Consumer enablement news

The Primary Care Institute (PCI) and the Patient Experience and Consumer Engagement (PEACE) team held the first Consumer Enablement Spotlight Series on 11 June 2019.

The Spotlight Series webinars aim to shine a light on different consumer enablement interventions or approaches. They are free to attend and open to anyone with an interest in learning about consumer enablement approaches, including clinicians, managers, consumers, carers and students.

This webinar event focused on Shared Decision Making was attended by more than 200 people from across NSW and beyond, via videoconference, teleconference, live stream and Skype. There were seven short presentations over the course of the morning where speakers from the ACI, Clinical Excellence Commission, Sydney University and Laval University in Canada shared their research and experiences using shared decision making in practice.

The presentation slides from the day are available below under Consumer Enablement Resources.

Keynote speaker: Professor Michael Paasche-Orlow

The launch of the Consumer Enablement Guide was held on 3 December 2018 at a joint event with Western Sydney Local Health District in Parramatta. The event brought together 250 people in Parramatta and many more via live stream to hear from international experts and local innovators on health literacy and consumer enablement research, initiatives and experiences.

Consumer enablement resources

Evidence check: consumer enablement
An Evidence Check rapid review brokered by the Sax Institute for the Agency for Clinical Innovation. May 2016.

Consumer Enablement: a clinician’s guide
A comprehensive web resource that brings together concepts, evidence and resources to inform and support the use of enablement approaches in clinical practice.


Consumer Enablement Spotlight Series - Webinar on Communications - 25 February 2020

Health Literacy Hub and Consumer Enablement Guide Launch - 3 December 2018

Peer Support in Youth Mental Health - Dr Magenta Simmons

Presentation S1-P1 Launch of the WSLHD Health Literacy Hub - Professor Don Nutbeam

Presentation S1-P2 Health Literacy Interventions Current and Future Exemplars - Professor Michael-Paasche-Orlow (Keynote)

Presentation S1-P3 Improving health literacy what we know and what we don’t know; and what could make a difference - Professor Kirsten McCaffery

Presentation S1-P4 Using health literacy approaches to ensure no one is left behind An update on World Health Organisation (WHO) ~ Professor Richard Osborne

Presentation S2-P1 Consumer Enablement: a clinicians’ guide – Regina Osten

Presentation S2-P2 Suzi s story. The experience of being enabled, or not - Coralie Wales

Presentation S2-P3 Shared Decision Making in Osteoarthritis Care A pilot project with three demonstration sites across NSW - Professor Lyndal Trevena

Presentation S3-P1 Introduction to Health Literacy in Primary Care Progress and Lessons - Adjunct Associate Professor Walter Kmet

Presentation S3-P2 Health literacy in primary care UK perspectives - Professor Joanne Protheroe (Keynote)

Presentation S3-P3 Health Literacy and Preventive Care in General Practice - Scientia Professor Mark Harris

Presentation S4A-P1 Standards and national action for improving health literacy - Naomi Poole

Presentation S4A-P2 Statewide Health Literacy framework - Kay de Ridder

Presentation S4A-P3 The ISLHD Patient Information Portal (PIP) - Fiorina Mastorianni & Dr Danielle Muscat

Presentation S4B-P1 Developing & Measuring Health Literacy in Culturally & Linguistically Diverse and Aboriginal Communities - Jo Medlin

Presentation S4B-P2 Is keeping it simple really that easy Adapting health messages for young families - Michelle Nolan & Bonny Keevers

Presentation S4B-P3 Partners in Care Redesigning health coaching to deliver person-centred care and support self-management - Brendon McDougall & Anna McGlynn

Presentation S4C-P2 Parenting Plus Program Embedding health literacy into new parents groups - Dr Danielle Muscat & Anne Harris

Presentation S4C-P3 An innovative health literacy intervention in general practice - HeLP-GP - Scientia Professor Mark Harris

2019 Patient Experience Symposium

PowerPoint presentations from the event held on 29-30 April 2019 focusing on a range of topics including patient-centred care and enablement approaches.

Download program and slides

Consumer Enablement Spotlight Series - Webinar on Shared Decision Making - 11 June 2019

Consumer Enablement Spotlight Series - Webinar on Health Coaching - 25 September 2019

Consumer Enablement Spotlight Series - Webinar on Peer Support - 28 November 2019

Consumer Enablement Spotlight Series - Webinar on Peer Support - 9 December 2019

Peer Support in Youth Mental Health - Dr Magenta Simmons (Vimeo)

Consumer enablement events

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