Consultation - Draft TeleECG model of care

The Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) is now seeking feedback on the draft TeleECG model of care.

The model of care was developed in consultation with the TeleECG Working Group, which includes representatives from stakeholder organisations including Western NSW Local Health District, Southern NSW Local Health District, Hunter New England Local Health District, the Emergency Care Institute, Virtual Care Strategy Taskforce, eHealth NSW and Ministry of Health.

The TeleECG model was initiated through a translational research grant randomised control trial at Hunter New England Local Health District that demonstrated significant improvement in identification and management of STEMI.

The NSW TeleECG model of care would provide automated, real time, remote specialist nurse decision support for patients with possible acute coronary syndrome presenting to rural hospitals without emergency physicians. TeleECG will provide specialist decision support via a telehealth hub to support rural clinicians in providing evidence-based care as part of the State Cardiac Reperfusion Strategy.

The ACI is seeking feedback on the proposed model of care, in particular:

  • content and accuracy
  • clarity and structure
  • any information that is missing and should be included
  • any information that should be removed.

Feedback is to be provided via the ACI secure website by Monday 31 May 2022.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to contact Fiona Dee, TeleECG Project Officer at or on 0419136890.”

This form is accessible via distributed link.

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