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'Nutritional Impact of BMT and Post-BMT Nutrition Challenges' Master Class


14 August 2019, 02:00pm to 14 August 2019, 02:00pm


Master Classes are designed to support the continual education and training accreditation requirements of NATA and FACT. Following each presentation, participants then have the opportunity to ask questions or engage in discussion. Each session is recorded.


This special Master Class will be presented by

Suzanne Hough.

Suzanne Hough is a Senior Clinical Dietitian at Westmead Hospital. Suzanne is an integral member of the ACI BMT Network and ACI Nutrition, with author contributions to the Allogeneic and Autologous Patient Guides, and the Diet Specification for Adult Inpatient - Low Microbial Diet Guidelines.


To discuss the nutritional impact of BMT on the people, and the nutrition challenges that are faced post-BMT

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