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Green Operating Theatres

*** As of late Feb 2019 the Basecamp (forums, resources etc.) site is now open to staff in NSW hospitals with an interest in this area.  Please contact Helen Vaz, with your contact details and LHD/SHN for details of how to join ***


The Green Theatres workshop was held on Monday 28th May 2018 at the ACI training rooms in Chatswood.

The objectives of the day were to

  1. Establish what can be actioned at a local level by participants in terms of sustainability in the operating theatre
  2. Identify if there were any areas that could be supported by the ACI.


Feedback to the Anaesthetic and Perioperative Care Network (APCN) was that there was pockets of work happening in this space and an opportunity to share this work was needed.

Where is this up to?

The evaluation of the day was very positive. 79% of attendees had not previously attended an ACI event and over 89% were likely or very likely to attend a future event, demonstrating that attendees found the day valuable.

A “Green OT” basecamp has been established where people have;

  1. Shared learnings from their own site experience.
  2. Shared a presentation on practical local initiatives.
  3. Shared contact details of participants who wanted to be a part of the group.

Anaesthesia Perioperative Care Network


Sarah-Jane Waller
Anaesthesia & Perioperative Care A/Network Manager

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