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Drop-in clinics

What is it

A drop-in service (no booking required) for patients that have concerns regarding their health. The model provides continuation of care by providing a drop-in clinic for patients with age-related issues. The key criteria are that all patients must have been an inpatient at the hospital and have an age-related condition. Patients usually present with existing chronic conditions that require management. The model aims to improve continuation of care provided to the older patient while reducing Emergency Department (ED) presentations and readmissions. 

How it works

Patients call the service and a geriatrician determines if a patient is suitable for the service. If so, the patient presents to the clinic located in the hospital for assessment, and a care plan is established. From the clinic, the patient can bypass ED and be directly admitted to the ward or discharged to home if appropriate.


The services are provided by on-call geriatricians or Nurse Practitioners and General Practitioners in rural areas.

Success factors

  • Dedicated area to facilitate the clinic
  • Passionate staff to run the model
  • Executive support to operate the model

Models in operation

  • Aged care drop-in clinic (Nepean)
  • Nurse Practitioner – roaming / on-call (Kyogle)