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Acute Care for Children and Older People Stream


The Acute Care for Children and Older People Stream has the networks divided into two areas – Child and Family Care Stream and Acute, Aged and End of Life Care Stream. These streams cover a range of clinical areas across the lifespan and work to engage clinicians, consumers and community members to improve health care systems and to address the complex needs of patients and clinicians moving across pathways of care.

The Acute Care Taskforce (ACT) was in operation from 2005-2020. Over that period the ACT had focused on several Safe Clinical Handover projects, avoidable admissions and the establishment of 29 Medical Assessment Units. The current Frailty work within ACI and the NSW Health system commenced in the meetings and discussions facilitated by the Taskforce.

In late 2012 the ACT transitioned from the Ministry of Health. This transition involved a repositioning of the ACT to include state-wide representation. The ACI owes an incredible debt to the committed and energetic members of the Acute Care Taskforce which was led by an executive committee, which also included allied health staff, consumers, doctors, health system managers and nurses. The Co-Chairs for the Acute Care Taskforce throughout its duration were Jeremy Wilson and Vicki Manning and they provided outstanding clinical leadership for 15 years with all the innovative projects and events completed. An overview of these achievements is on our Resources page.

Acute Care Taskforce


Linda Soars
Clinical Associate Director, Acute Care for Children and Older People Stream