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Too Deadly for Diabetes: Reversing the Progression of Type 2 Diabetes in Aboriginal Communities


10 August 2021, 12:00pm to 1:00pm

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Too Deadly for Diabetes: Reversing the Progression of Type 2 Diabetes in Aboriginal Communities 2021-08-10T12:00 2021-08-10T13:00 Australia/Sydney Online Join meeting at Or by phone 02 8015 6011, Meeting ID: 927 6456 0722, Passcode: 7682948241


Facilitate a conversation around the reversibility of type 2 diabetes and provide examples of Aboriginal Health services who have achieved dramatic improvements in community member outcomes.


Provide health care providers with the confidence to investigate how chronic disease outcomes can be improved in their region.


Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are four times more likely to be diagnosed with type 2 diabetes mellitus (T2DM) than non-Indigenous Australians (AIHW, 2020). This may be secondary to storing of visceral fat around solid organs at a lower BMI (Brimblecombe, et. al., 2006).

Recent research has indicated that it is the reduction in visceral fat around the liver and pancreas that can reverse T2DM in up to 75% of patients who lose 10kg or more (Lean et al., 2018).

Currently in Australia, reversal of T2DM is rare with most patients progressively developing more co-morbidities over time (Swerissen et al., 2016). Within the Aboriginal community, diabetes and its complications lead to significant morbidity and mortality (AIHW, 2015).

Research is now building around the reversibility of type 2 diabetes. This session will present a model that has applied the latest research to a program that fits within the current Medicare model provided through primary care in Australia.

This presentation will focus on a chronic disease program (Too Deadly for Diabetes) provided throughout Aboriginal Heath service providers in NSW. This will include the current program in Coonamble NSW (Pop. 2,700) where training was provided to the nurse and Aboriginal Health worker, who then provide the 10-week program to the community.

In 8-months, patients have lost a total of 922kg, with many patients achieving a reduction or removal of medications for type 2 diabetes and/or hypertension. The average weight loss has been between 8-10kg per person and the average reduction in HbA1c has been 1.5%.



Please note that this event has a capacity of 300 people. Furthermore, this session won’t be recorded.


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