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Telehealth Strategic Advisory Group


There are a number of parts of the NSW health system that have a role in delivering Telehealth. The Ministry of Health (MOH) commissioned a strategic review of telehealth in NSW. This review identified a range of barriers and enablers to telehealth and made recommendations for the future, with a focus on strategic governance. In April 2016, MoH published the NSW Health Telehealth Framework and Implementation Strategy: 2016-2021.

The framework and implementation strategy recommended that a state-wide Telehealth Strategic Advisory Group be established to coordinate and drive telehealth activity, including providing strategic guidance for Telehealth in NSW, driving innovation, and monitoring developments in Telehealth that may be of benefit to the health system. ACI were tasked with establishing and chairing this group.

In February 2016 the ACI established the Telehealth Capability Interest Group to facilitate collaboration and networking for clinicians and managers currently working in or wanting to undertake Telehealth services. This group will report to the Telehealth State-wide Strategic advisory group.


The Telehealth Strategic Advisory Group has been established to provide NSW Health with expert advice on Telehealth governance and strategy.

Responsibilities / Functions

This Strategic Advisory Group will hold the following functions:

  • Provide oversight of the implementation of the  NSW Health Telehealth Framework and Implementation Strategy: 2016-2021.
  • Provide strategic advice for Telehealth in NSW with links to other key NSW Health funding, services strategies and programs.
  • Monitor Telehealth developments nationally, and undertake horizon scanning for new and relevant technologies.
  • Seek technical advice as needed to support increased uptake of telehealth across the system and overcome any barriers.
  • Encourage and advise on approaches to monitor Telehealth uptake across the state.
  • Drive ACI and State-wide innovation and prioritisation of Telehealth-enabled models of care and develop use cases.
  • Review and contribute to updates to the ACI Guidelines for the use of Telehealth for Clinical and education of patients and clinicians where necessary, including in terms of training.
  • Monitor the effectiveness of telehealth models of care, as reported by LHDs/SHNs, and engage BHI where necessary.
  • Undertake an annual review of implementation progress across NSW in the six priority areas.

Note that the Strategic Advisory Group will agree a forward work-plan in order to prioritise these functions.

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