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Service Redesign and Evaluation

Applying redesign methodology to assist healthcare providers and consumers to review and improve the quality, effectiveness and efficiency of services.

The ACI team can assist healthcare service staff to apply redesign methodology to design and promote better healthcare.

The ACI’s Health Economics and Evaluation Team supports ACI initiatives by providing data, statistical, costing and financial analysis, economic appraisals and evaluations and the development of resourcing and business proposals.

Case Study

NSW Ambulance and ACI’s Implementation Team collaborated to undertake a rapid re-engineering of business processes within the Aeromedical Control Centre (ACC). The ACC is responsible for coordinating NSW Ambulance aeromedical resources across NSW.

The ACI team applied expertise in process redesign, lean and implementation methodology to work with ACC staff to improve aeromedical procedures across NSW.  This included a redesigned process and set of recommendations validated by staff, to support implementation.

A key outcome of this process was significant skills transfer between the team members. The partnership was considered highly successful by staff and Chief Executives of both organisations. Implementation has commenced and is well supported by ACC staff, due to their involvement and the collaborative nature of the process.

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