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Measurement and Collection

The ACI has ensured that the measures being used in the PRMs Program are easy to complete and capture a range of patient outcomes and experiences.

The ease of completing patient reported measures

A commonly expressed concern from healthcare workers is that some of their patients might not be willing or able to complete the measures on a tablet device. Our experience has shown that most measures take only 2-3 minutes to complete and people find using a tablet device to be acceptable and easy.

The use of a tablet device allows for:

  • Adjustable font size
  • ‘Read-out-loud’ mode (converting text to speech)
  • Measures to be provided in a number of different languages.

Assisting people to complete patient reported measures

A healthcare worker, carer or family member can also assist the person to complete the measures (for example, a person with vision impaired may have their carer to read out the questions and have them record their answers).

If someone helps a person complete the PRMs, it is important for the PRMs to be answered from the perspective of the patient and not the person filling out the measure.