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Information Technology (HOPE)

Patient reported measures (PRMs) can be captured electronically using personal computers, tablet devices or smartphones, enabling patients (or their families/carers) to self-report on experiences and outcomes.

A purpose-built IT solution has been co-designed with consumers, clinicians and managers across NSW in partnership with the ACI, eHealth NSW and the NSW Ministry of Health. The system, known as Health Outcomes and Patient Experience (or HOPE ) supports the routine collection, measurement and timely reporting to clinicians.

HOPE can be accessed online via:

The HOPE system will meet the needs of patients, healthcare providers, managers and services through:

  • integration of clinical systems – including NSW Health electronic Medical Record (eMR) and Patient Administration System (PAS) clinical systems, and general practice desktop systems
  • providing a patient portal – patients and/or their carers can access HOPE using a personal computer, smartphone or tablet, then review their responses on the HOPE platform. They will also be able to access information uploaded by their healthcare provider regarding their specific condition, relevant services or desired outcomes (pending content approval process)
  • single login access – for all healthcare providers and service managers (delivered in Phase 2 & 3 of implementation rollout).
  • point of care patient input data – to support healthcare providers to make informed decisions about care and treatment.
  • enabling aggregated data analytics – this is on patient populations
  • enabling aggregated patient experience feedback – this occurs at a service level, to inform service improvement and care delivery models.

HOPE implementation approach

HOPE is being implemented in a phased approach across NSW.

  • Phase 1: a standalone system is available for access by authorised clinicians and patients (it does not seamlessly integrate with hospital or GP desktop systems and a separate login is required). Phase 1 will support existing PRM Leading Better Value Care and Integrated Care program areas across NSW.
  • Phase 2 (early 2020): moving towards single-sign on access for staff within NSW Health, HOPE is integrated with their hospital medical record systems and allowing for seamless interaction. This will commence with a pilot phase of integration.
  • Phase 3 (late 2020): further integration with some GP desktop software.