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NSW Health Integrated Care Strategy

In March 2014, the NSW Government announced the NSW Integrated Care Strategy and committed $180 million over six years to implement innovative, locally led models of integrated care across the state to transform the NSW healthcare system. Integrated care involves the provision of seamless, effective and efficient care that reflects the whole of a person's health needs. It requires a greater focus on a person's needs, better communication and connectivity between healthcare providers in primary care, community and hospital settings and better access to community-based services close to home. The PRMs Program is an important enabler of the Integrated Care Strategy.

Why Patient Reported Measures? 

With today’s technological advancements there is a lot we can tell about a patient without even talking to them (for example their physiological parameters, recent admission history), however unless patients (and/or their carers) are asked what is important to them and how they rate their quality of life and experiences of healthcare, we don’t actually know the whole picture. 

The evidence demonstrates that clinical indicators like biomarkers often fail to correspond with how a patient is actually feeling, further demonstrating the importance of routine and timely collection of patient's perceptions of their health and wellbeing. This can be achieved through the systematic collection and use of Patient Reported Measures (PRMs). There is good evidence to demonstrate that patients who are more engaged in their healthcare tend to choose less costly interventions (e.g. presenting to a physiotherapist for lower back pain instead of hospital emergency). Patient Reported Measures have also been well documented to support clinician decision making, shared care planning and are a good indicator for overall patient outcomes; especially in those conditions marked by morbidity rather than mortality.

To read about the evidence supporting PRMs visit Research and Resources.