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Patient Experience and Consumer Engagement

We believe that the best innovation and healthcare improvement can only come from listening to and understanding what people need and want.

Our vision is for consumers and families to be equal partners in health care improvement in NSW.

What is experience-Based Co-design?

Experience-based co-design is a collaborative approach that brings consumers, families, carers and staff together to improve health services.

In experience-based co-design the people who use and deliver health services are engaged to share their experiences and design improvements together.

What Experience-Based Co-design Projects are we supporting?

We have used experience-based co-design to build collaborative partnerships and facilitate health service improvement in six different health settings in NSW.

The projects include:

  1. Hospitalisation of People with Intellectual Disability
  2. Rehabilitation Services
  3. Blood and Marrow Long-Term Follow-Up
  4. Young people with Urinary Incontinence
  5. Brain Injury Rehabilitation
  6. Adult Community Mental Health Services

What are the important features of Experience-Based Co-design?

There are three important features of experience-based co-design: ‘Experience’, ‘Co’ and ‘Design’

  1. ‘Co’ means that consumers, families and staff are working  together from start to finish with equal say, decision making and responsibility
  2. ‘Experience’ highlights that we need to gather real stories from people to understand their experiences of what is going well and what would be better
  3. ‘Design’ clarifies that we are identifying the why, what and how to make things better in partnership with consumers, families and staff

Experience-Based Co-design Toolkit

This is a practical kit that lays out the why, when and how for different tools that can be used when improving health services.


Stories capture people’s experiences and can make a real difference.  Stories can raise awareness and are a powerful way to promote change and improve healthcare.

Read about tips for storytelling in healthcare


Patient experience is a key part of high quality health care.  There is also an important link between patient experience, safety and effectiveness.

Patient Experience Tools and Resources


Manager, Patient Experience and Consumer Engagement