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Knowledge Sharing

Partnering with healthcare providers to support collaboration, learning capability and knowledge sharing on healthcare innovation and improvement.

The ACI is working with partners to share the great work that is happening, promote the innovations and improvements that are occurring to improve our health services, and recognise the commitment and expertise of staff working in the NSW Health system.

Knowledge, innovations and improvement initiatives are widely produced throughout the health system yet are often not shared in a systematic way. There are significant opportunities for health services from better sharing and integration of knowledge and experience across the system.

We want to ensure both small and large scale innovations and improvements generated across local services are recognised and shared to benefit the broader health system.

Knowledge Sharing aims to encourage effective partnerships and assist in delivering better health outcomes, improved patient experience and efficient service delivery.

Focussing on improved performance, innovation, the sharing of lessons learnt and continuous improvement the knowledge approach works to achieve organisational objectives – and the triple aim.

An investment in building a culture that values the skills and knowledge of health professionals across the system and encourages collaboration, sharing of work and knowledge transfer across the NSW health system is critical to maximizing resources, improving efficiency, reducing duplication and costs and fostering innovation and improved performance and outcomes (including Triple Aim) for our health system.

The benefits of knowledge sharing help to develop a culture of learning and contribute to:

  • Enhancing collaboration with partners
  • Providing more accurate and accessible information and knowledge resources
  • Assisting to reduce costs by reducing duplication of effort
  • Increasing speed of response as a direct result of better knowledge access and application
  • Reducing the tendency to ‘reinvent the wheel’ or ‘repeat the same mistakes’.
  • Improving efficiency and quality of work with more collective and systematic processes.

The knowledge sharing approach will combine the use of technology and social media to build social networks and collaborations.

Case Study

The Innovation Exchange provides a single, collaborative place to share and promote local innovation and improvement projects and resources, from all healthcare organisations across NSW.

Employees working across the health system benefit from a single, convenient online site to share and access innovation and improvement initiatives, programs and projects from healthcare organisations across NSW and beyond.

The Innovation Exchange provides a single place to showcase and promote the great work that is happening in our health system. This includes a succinct high-level overview of each initiative, details of solutions, implementation, lessons learnt and contact details to find out more information - that can be accessed by anyone, any time.

The place to find out which initiatives are being implemented, across specialty areas, local areas and look at what other local areas are doing to address specific challenges – The Innovation Exchange provides the opportunity to learn from other organisations, to improve performance, innovate, collaborate and partner on initiatives.

View the Innovation Exchange