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What's New in Healthcare Innovation

Links to news and journal articles related to healthcare innovation from around the world. This page draws on information from syndicated feeds as well as links provided by ACI staff.

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2015 Aug

CoP Facilitator Tasks That Create a Sense of Community and an Environment that is Welcoming

One of the most important things I have learned is that it is the community facilitators who set the tone and spirit for a community – that make it a place where members feel a part of something larger than self.

18 August 2015
Conversation Matters Blog - Nancy Dixon

2015 Apr

Leading by empowering: Nurses and patient satisfaction scores

Results from an internal survey that measured time at the bedside were shocking to anyone who envisions nursing as a patient-care profession. Rather than dictating a solution to improve patient care and patient satisfaction, leaders at Novant Health enabled nurses to find their own way.

20 April 2015
Health Leaders Media

2015 Apr

Evaluation: what to consider

This guide is intended to assist those new to evaluation by suggesting methodological and practical considerations and providing resources to support further learning.

13 April 2015
The Health Foundation

2015 Apr

Using communications approaches to spread improvement

This practical guide introduces key concepts about spreading health care improvement work and examines the role communications can play. It is intended for those actively engaged in health care improvement work, who want to explore how to best engage the right people to spread and share their findings.

13 April 2015
The Health Foundation

2015 Feb

The future is now - The innovations of today that point to better health care tomorrow

It is almost impossible these days to open a newspaper without reading that our health service is under immense strain. The continued funding squeeze, rising demand and the need to safeguard quality are combining to exert huge pressure across the entire system. These challenges are not limited to England but are faced by health systems across the world. There is now wide consensus that health care needs to change dramatically to meet these demands.

10 February 2015
THe Kings Fund (NHS)

2015 Feb

Demystifying theory and its use in improvement

Proposes that more informed use of theory can strengthen improvement programmes and facilitate the evaluation of their effectiveness.

4 February 2015

2015 Jan

Doing things better without adding hours to the day

14 January 2015
Health News from

2015 Jan

Complex needs and limited resources: Influences on the provision of primary healthcare to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples living with chronic disease

The Kanyini Qualitative Study (KQS) was designed to explore principle barriers to and enablers of quality chronic disease care in order to better understand how systems of primary healthcare might better serve Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander patients. The KQS Monograph Series explores determinants, outcomes and perceptions of chronic disease care for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples from a range of angles. Three monographs in the series are now available:

  • Monograph One considers the issues that influence why people seek care;
  • Monograph Two examines the factors that influence why people remain engaged with care;
  • Monograph Three explores patients’ and providers’ understandings of healthcare and care relationships [under development];
  • Monograph Four investigates how healthcare systems influence the ways in which people engage with healthcare; and
  • Monograph Five considers how wellness and wellbeing are conceptualised from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander perspectives [under development].

13 January 2015
Centre for Research Excellence

2015 Jan

Explaining variation in emergency admissions: a mixed-methods study of emergency and urgent care systems

O'Cathain A, Knowles E, Turner J, Maheswaran R, Goodacre S, Hirst E, et al.
Health Services and Delivery Research. 2014;2(48).

13 January 2015
Health Services and Delivery Research

2014 Nov

Victoria votes: more hospital beds doesn’t equal better health

Why more beds doesn't lead to better outcomes.

27 November 2014
The Converstation

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