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Know Before You Go: Transforming Surgical Access

This project is improving the pre-admissions clinic process for elective joint replacement patients at The Sutherland Hospital.

Added: 28 October 2022 | Last updated: 24 November 2022

Break Down: Improving Secondary Fracture Prevention

While local specialist services are available to help prevent secondary fracture, in the Richmond area, only 10% of those at risk are being assessed. This project will improve identification and...

Added: 20 August 2018 | Last updated: 20 April 2021

The BONE Project: Building Orthopaedic Network Excellence

The Fracture Clinic redesign project commenced to meet the needs of the rapidly growing Orthopaedic outpatient clinic by redesigning the service and building an efficient and sustainable model with improved...

Added: 15 December 2020 | Last updated: 16 December 2020

FIB4NOF (Fascia Iliaca Block for Patients with Neck of Femur Fracture) at Nepean Hospital

This project is designed to promote the use of fascia iliaca block as a method of analgesia for patients who present to Nepean Hospital with a neck of femur fracture,...

Added: 28 June 2019 | Last updated: 15 July 2019

A Joint Effort: patient centred redesign in rheumatology outpatients

This project aims to implement a sustainable and patient centred service for patients attending the rheumatology outpatient clinics at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital.

Added: 24 April 2019 | Last updated: 9 May 2019

Equal Access for the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse

The appointment booking process for clients accessing the Fairfield Orthopaedic Hip and Knee Service was modified to enable the Culturally and Linguistically Diverse (CALD) population greater access to the service.

Added: 19 October 2018 | Last updated: 20 November 2018

Totally Hip (and Knee)

This project reviewed the journey of patients undergoing an elective total hip or knee replacement at the Tweed Hospital. In consultation with staff and patients, a range of improvements were...

Added: 6 March 2017 | Last updated: 28 April 2017

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