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North Coast Cancer Institute Lync Project

Mid North Coast Local Health District
Project Added:
12 September 2014
Last updated:
23 October 2014

North Coast Cancer Institute Lync Project

North Coast Cancer Institute, Mid North Coast Local Health District


This project has used Microsoft LyncTM software and IT hardware to facilitate communications between cancer specialists and primary care providers in regional and rural areas such as Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Lismore.  


Implementation of internet conferencing to improve communication and collaboration between the North Coast Cancer Institute specialist doctors and primary healthcare providers.


  • Reduced travel for residents from regional and rural areas and providing them access to specialist input into their care at home and from their general practice surgery. 
  • Enhanced and streamlined communication between primary health care providers and cancer specialists in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Lismore.


Project started:  April 2012

Current status: Implementation 


There was a need to enhance and streamline communications between Primary Health Care Providers and cancer specialists in Port Macquarie, Coffs Harbour and Lismore. Improving the ability of these services to communicate could reduce the need for residents to travel long distances for specialist input.

The implementation of eHealth solutions across health services demonstrate benefits in regard to patient travel requirements, as well as improved access to services and integration and cooperation across health services.

Haematologists and palliative care practitioners had previously used and or trialled the use of internet conferencing software with success.


Palliative care clinicians have trialled the use of internet conferencing software and laptops in community settings to improve patient and community based nurses experiences in accessing specialist support.

Haematologists at North Coast Cancer Institute Lismore use the technology frequently to provide consultation services and clinical support between Lismore and Grafton. 

Internet based conferencing technology combines video and telephone conferencing and desktop sharing through a web browser. This innovative technology only requires a computer with an Internet connection, an audio connection, phone, and a Webcam and/or mobile internet enabled devices, such as laptops, ipads with 3G/4G connectivity.


This initiative helps to achieve better health outcomes through follow-up care plans, instant post treatment reports, discharge summary, interaction at point of care, virtual consultations and follow up clinics have been implemented, used or organised with referrals received electronically.

This project makes best use of available technology such as: 

  • webcams
  • Microsoft LyncTM
  • Argus secure messaging
  • integration with Tandberg video conferencing
  • desktop eFax technology software
  • tablets/laptops with wireless connection
  • Citrix Remote Gateway (CAG) to access MOSAIQTM Oncology eMR remotely and other resources remotely such as PowerChart. 

Lessons learnt 

This project is ongoing and continues to build on the relationships, which have been established with primary care clinicians and Medicare Local teams. Ongoing support is needed to increase uptake of this technology by General Practitioners, other primary health providers and cancer services.


North Coast Cancer Institute and local providers of primary healthcare including Hastings Macleay General Practice Network, Tweed Valley General Practice Network, Mid North Coast Division of General Practice, Northern Rivers General Practice Network, North Coast GP Training, and Many Rivers Aboriginal Medical Services. 


Cancer System Innovation / Palliative Care Development Manager
North Coast Cancer Institute
Mid North Coast Local Health District
Phone: 02 6580 1839

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