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Home in the Hospital

Narromine Hospital and Community Health
Project Added:
2 December 2015
Last updated:
3 December 2015

Home in the Hospital


This project provided a home-like environment for permanent aged care residents, with improved socialisation and mobility. It also involved residents in care planning and increased the use of Transitional Aged Care Program (TACP) resources.

View a poster from the Centre for Healthcare Redesign graduation, December 2015.

Home in the Hospital poster


To increase occupancy rates within the TACP and improve satisfaction with the services provided at Narromine Health Service.


  • Increase resident satisfaction with aged care services.
  • Increased staff confidence in delivering TACP services within the hospital.
  • Provides a home-like environment for residents that is culturally appropriate and caters to their needs.
  • Increased levels of resident input in planning and reviewing processes.
  • Strengthens the relationship between aged care facilities and the hospital.

Project Status

Key dates

  • Project start: April 2015
  • Project finish: July 2016


Implementation - the initiative is ready for implementation or is currently being implemented, piloted or tested.


In April 2014, a survey was conducted at Narromine Health Service that indicated the occupancy rates within the TACP was less than 22%. This rate was well below the WNSWLHD average. Inappropriate referrals were also evident.

Feedback from aged care residents and family members in 2014-15 also identified some dissatisfaction with the ability to personalise space, as well as the lack of socialisation opportunities at the Narromine Health Service.


  • Artworks were purchased, to create a culturally appropriate environment for residents.
  • Furniture was purchased to enable shared meals and increase socialisation among residents.
  • Activities were developed for residents three days a week, using existing community health resources.
  • Staff were designated to specific aged care residents to build relationships and provide a more positive experience for residents.
  • Admission forms were redesigned and a TACP coordinator was included in the admission and referral process, to reduce inappropriate referrals from other facilities and provide a better understanding of residents’ needs.
  • The TACP coordinator took part in weekly rounds with doctors at Narromine Health Service, to identify potential clients for the program.
  • The TACP coordinator supported and educated staff on appropriate admission and referral processes.

Implementation site

  • Narromine Health Service


  • Narromine Health Service Health Council
  • Timbrebongie Nursing Home
  • Orana Arts


  • There has been positive feedback from staff and residents to date. Formal survey results are currently being finalised.
  • The usage rates of the TACP is currently being measured.

Lessons Learnt

  • Ensure that all staff are involved in the change and communicate effectively, to reduce resistance and lack of compliance.
  • Listen to the suggestions offered by residents and clients about their healthcare and socialisation needs.
  • Allow an adequate timeframe to deliver each aspect of the project.


Jodie Wason
Health Service Manager
Narromine Health Service
Western NSW Local Health District
Phone: 02 6889 9600

Virginia Silver
Nurse Manager
Narromine Health Service
Western NSW Local Health District
Phone: 02 6889 9600

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