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Sydney Sexual Health Centre
Project Added:
13 December 2012
Last updated:
7 October 2014


Sydney Sexual Health Centre, South Eastern Sydney Local Health District


Chlamydiastic! is a resource developed increase the capacity of youth workers and other professionals to talk about sexual health with young people.

The purpose of Chlamydiastic! is to:

  • demonstrate the asymptomatic transmission of Chlamydia
  • inform young people about the importance of condom use
  • create opportunities for discussions on sexual health.
Game box showing lid, cards, instructions and specimen jars

Chlamydiastic! was developed by Sydney Sexual Health Centre (SSHC), a facility of South Eastern Sydney Local Health District (SESLHD), located within Sydney & Sydney Eye Hospital. 

The original version of Chlamydiastic! was titled "Can't Tell By Looking Game"  and was developed in 2004 by the SSHC health promotion team in response to rising rates of Chlamydia in the former South Eastern Sydney Illawarra Area Health Service (SESIAHS). It is adapted from a sexual health testing intervention for asymptomatic sexually transmitted infections (STIs) piloted in the UK in 2001.1

In 2008, the "Can't Tell By Looking Game" was reviewed and it was decided to make it a more polished and professional resource. 

Since the launch of Chlamydiastic! in May 2012, there has been an enthusiastic response from the target group with frequent requests for games and training sessions.  SSHC continues to distribute Chlamydiastic! to agencies working with young people and evaluation is ongoing.


To create the various elements of the game, a graphic designer was contracted to produce the designs for the box, character cards and various other elements of the game.

Designs were focus-tested with young people from various youth centres as well as with youth workers and other professionals to determine their suitability and appeal for the target population.

The instructions were also carefully prepared with input and feedback sought from key stakeholders. The final instruction booklet contains information about Chlamydia as well as referral websites suitable for young people and youth workers/ educators.

A competition was held to choose a name for the game and the winning title was Chlamydiastic!

Name tag lanyards and playing cards - 10 second card and condom card

Chlamydiastic! is aimed at youth workers, teachers, educators and others working with young people. The game is recommended to be played with young people aged 16 years and over.

The game was launched in May 2012 by the SESLHD Youth Health Coordinators and the SSHC Director at Sydney & Sydney Eye Hospital. Existing youth networks and interagencies were used to inform relevant services about Chlamydiastic!. A flyer promoting the game was produced with assistance from the SESLHD HIV/AIDS And Related Programs (HARP) unit and distributed to individuals and services through relevant email groups.

Five hundred copies of Chlamydiastic! were produced and continue to be distributed free-of charge to services working with young people in NSW with SESLHD and Illawarra Shoalhaven Local Health Districts (ISLHD) receiving first priority.

Chlamydiastic! is a resource for youth workers/educators to play with young people. As such, they act as a facilitator in the game therefore its necessary to have a good understanding of how to play. SSHC wanted to ensure that those services and professionals who received copies of the game understood how to play and felt they knew how to facilitate its use in a session about sexual health with young people.

For this reason, the distribution of games across the local health districts was accompanied by training sessions for those receiving games. Training usually lasted one hour and was run by the Health Promotion Officer/s (HPO) from SSHC and / or the HARP unit HPO.


Process evaluation was carried out through a variety of methods.

  • Feedback form for participants to comment on how useful they found the training sessions
  • Feedback form / online survey to be completed by the youth worker/educator after a session using Chlamydiastic! with young people (using paper and online surveys.)

A limited impact evaluation is underway with a small number of services returning a pre/post knowledge quiz to be completed by young people before and after playing the game.

Pouring liquid from one specimen jar to another

A database was also established to enable follow-up of all those who received games at selected time intervals.

To date, there has been an enthusiastic response from the target group with frequent requests for games and training sessions. SSHC continues to distribute Chlamydiastic! to agencies working with young people and evaluation is ongoing.

Early anecdotal reports indicate a high level of satisfaction with the game as a resource use with young people.

There have so far been a small number of suggestions about possible additions that could be made to the game however the majority of these suggestions have been quite specific to certain groups and would have been difficult to apply to the broader population the game is intended for.


  1. Low N et al. "You can't tell by looking": pilot study of a community-based intervention to detect asymptomatic sexually transmitted infections. International Journal of STD & AIDS 2003; 14: 830-834


Sydney Sexual Health Centre
Sydney / Sydney Eye Hospital
South Eastern Sydney Local Health District
GPO Box 1614 Sydney NSW 2001
Phone: 02 9382 7444 or 02 9382 7460

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