The coordination and support of multidisciplinary trauma education in NSW is a core business role of the NSW ITIM.

ITIM trauma education review

As part of ITIM's transition to the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI), a review of the trauma education activities of ITIM was completed in May 2013. The review included stakeholder interviews, workshops and a survey. Click here to view the report.

Trauma courses and conferences

ITIM Education Committee

The ITIM Education Committee provides oversight and coordination of the trauma education activities of NSW ITIM. It reports to the ITIM Executive Committee.

Main article: ITIM Education Committee

Live Streaming of education events

In response to clinician’s requests for post-event recordings of presentations and to improve access for clinicians to access Free Online Access Medical-education (FOAM), ITIM provides live streaming and recordings of trauma evenings, readily available in high definition on desktop computers, smart televisions, tablet computers and smart phones through the ITIM events webpage.

Main article: Live Streaming of education events

Professional development support of trauma nurse coordinators

ITIM provides financial support to eligible trauma nurse coordinators to enable them to attend a trauma related conference every year. The scheme is overseen by the ITIM Education Committee. Applications for this support are submitted online and reviewed by ITIM.

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