Hypovolaemic shock guideline 

The adult trauma clinical practice guideline Management of Hypovolaemic Shock in the Trauma Patient is one of four guidelines published by NSW ITIM. It consists of 3 documents:

Full report - the complete guideline including algorithms, summary, discussions, tables of evidence, appendixes and references.

Summary report - contains algorithms and guidelines.

Algorithm 1 - A3 colour algorithm.


Authors: Sharene Pascoe, Rural Critical Care Nurse Consultant and Joan Lynch, Project Manager, Trauma Service, Liverpool Hospital

Published: January 2007

Clinical questions addressed:
  1. How do you know when the patient is in hypovolaemic shock?
  2. How do you find the sources of bleeding in a hypotensive trauma patient?
  3. What is the best management of the bleeding patient?
  4. If fluid resuscitation is indicated, what type of fluid should be given?
  5. What are the endpoints of fluid resuscitation in the trauma patient?

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