Pandemic Kindness Movement

Resources for Aboriginal health workers

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The resources included in the Pandemic Kindness Movement may be relevant to everyone working in health – including Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples. However, we acknowledge that some aspects of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health and wellbeing may not be well stratified within Maslow’s hierarchy, nor included within resources designed for a general audience.

For over 20 years, Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet has provided support to those working in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health sector by making research and other knowledge readily accessible.

Australian Indigenous HealthInfoNet has collated COVID-19 resources for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health workers and the community. They are available at on the HealthInfoNet website.

The following resources have been most accessed by health workers on HealthInfoNet.

The Pandemic Kindness Movement webpages are created by clinicians across Australia and hosted by the NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI). Provision of these links and resources does not imply endorsement nor recommendation from the ACI or NSW Health.