Pandemic Kindness Movement

Leadership actions

When faced with unique obstacles or challenges, such as COVID-19, leadership is one of the most important human factors skills that will ensure safety and mission success.

Leadership is a concept that is easier to recognise than it is to define. It doesn’t mean that “you get your own way” or “you are the one that always has the best solution”. It’s about using non-technical skills to influence your team to achieve repeatable, safe and desired outcomes.

Many of you will hold an important leadership role by virtue of the authority vested in your position. However, there is much more to leadership and it is important to develop your own style to lead teams through a crisis.

Here’s a couple of thoughts which will start you off on the right track:

“It’s not about you!” If you are in your position for the prestige, kudos or money, your values are probably misplaced. It’s all about the people under your responsibility.

“It’s all about you!” Your professionalism, personal standards, excellent non-technical skills and proficient and competent technical skills.

If you remember these two starting principles, you can’t go far wrong.

       - Captain Stuart A James

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