Pandemic Kindness Movement


This level of the pyramid relates to feeling esteem for oneself and our desire to be valued and recognised. Most people flourish when their work is noticed, appreciated and valued.

The value of esteem to health workers is powerfully demonstrated by the simple communal act of clapping for carers, seen in countries around the world where health workers are providing treatment for rapidly growing numbers of COVID-19 patients. This collective recognition and gratitude by the community has been shown to boost wellbeing and promote human connection – building on love and belonging – during a period of social isolation.

The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many health workers into unfamiliar roles and situations. Being respected, recognised or thanked by others in the workplace and in the community is a genuine source of strength for health workers.

Once esteem is reached, the very top level of the pyramid relates to achieving our full potential personally and professionally, via contribution.

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