Consumer Council

The Consumer Council creates a stronger consumer voice for safety, quality and innovation in health across the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC).

The Consumer Council has the following objectives and responsibilities:

  • provide advice on effective strategies for promoting partnerships with consumers to address patient safety priorities
  • provide advice on strategies to raise community awareness and facilitate engagement in patient safety and quality improvement
  • advise the ACI and CEC Boards on consumer representation within the respective organisations
  • contribute the consumer voice to the strategic priorities of the ACI and CEC
  • lead, facilitate and optimise effective consumer representation within and across all levels of ACI and CEC
  • provide guidance as to how ACI and CEC support the health system to partner with patients in line with the National Standards.


Co-chair - Laila Hallam

Co-chair - Tomas Ratoni

Adam Johnston

Bradley Rossiter

Coralie Wales

Craig Cooper

Harry Iles-Mann

Kelly Foran

Luke Escombe

Michael Morris

Zoe Fernance

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