In February 2023, the ACI will transition to a Chief Executive-governed statutory health organisation and these committees will be reviewed to ensure the Chief Executive has appropriate structures in place.

Committees provide advise to the ACI Board about finance and performance, audit and risk management, research and education, and the consumer voice.

The Finance and Performance Committee operates in accordance with the Model-By-Laws for NSW Health Board Governed Corporations and the NSW Health Corporate Governance Compendium.

The ACI Board has established the committee to ensure the operating funds, capital works funds and service outputs required of the ACI are being achieved, and reported upon, in an appropriate and efficient manner.

The responsibilities of the committee include oversight of:

  • business planning and performance reporting against the annual Performance Agreement with the Secretary of Health
  • capital, operating and income budgeting and reporting
  • financial delegations
  • special purpose and trust funds
  • complex procurement activities.


Chair - Ken Barker, PSM

Dr Michelle Mulligan

Dr Leon Clark

Dr Jean-Frédéric Levesque (ex-officio member)

The Audit and Risk Management Committee operates in accordance with its approved Charter, NSW Health policy and NSW Treasury policy.

The objective of the committee is to provide independent advice to the ACI's Board and management by overseeing and monitoring its governance, risk and control framework, and its external accountability requirements.

The responsibilities of the committee include:

  • reviewing and endorsing the draft annual Financial Statements
  • reviewing the currency and appropriateness of the ACI's enterprise risk management process
  • reviewing whether a sound and effective approach has been followed to develop risk management plans for major projects and undertakings
  • reviewing internal and external audit findings which identify possible risk and control weaknesses and monitoring management actions until completed
  • providing relevant advice to the Chief Executive and the ACI Board
  • working closely with internal and external auditors.


Chair - Ian Gillespie

Julie Newman

John Kelly

The primary role of the Research and Education Committee is to:

  • provide leadership to, and governance oversight of, research and education conducted by the ACI
  • advise the ACI Board on the priority, quality and relevance of research and education undertaken or proposed to be undertaken by, on behalf of the ACI.


Chair - Professor Sandy Middleton

Professor John French

Professor Mary Haines

Adjunct Professor Michael Nicholl

Professor David Peiris

Dr Antonio Penna

Adjunct Prof Annette Solman

Professor Andrew Wilson

Dr Jean-Frédéric Levesque (ex-officio member)

The Consumer Council creates a stronger consumer voice for safety, quality and innovation in health across the Agency for Clinical Innovation (ACI) and the Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC).

The Consumer Council has the following objectives and responsibilities:

  • provide advice on effective strategies for promoting partnerships with consumers to address patient safety priorities
  • provide advice on strategies to raise community awareness and facilitate engagement in patient safety and quality improvement
  • advise the ACI and CEC Boards on consumer representation within the respective organisations
  • contribute the consumer voice to the strategic priorities of the ACI and CEC
  • lead, facilitate and optimise effective consumer representation within and across all levels of ACI and CEC
  • provide guidance as to how ACI and CEC support the health system to partner with patients in line with the National Standards.


Co-chair - Laila Hallam

Co-chair - Tomas Ratoni

Adam Johnston

Bradley Rossiter

Coralie Wales

Craig Cooper

Harry Iles-Mann

Kelly Foran

Luke Escombe

Michael Morris

Zoe Fernance

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