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End of Life and Palliative Care

23 Feb 2021 Reading time approximately

The new Clinical Principles for End of Life and Palliative Care will soon be available. The guideline outlines the clinical principles and key actions that support good quality, evidence-informed practice and improvement in end of life and palliative care in NSW. It applies to all care settings and people across their lifespan. NSW Health services should use the guideline to inform local models of care to ensure that community needs are met. More information and materials to support local implementation will be shared in the coming months.

A self-assessment tool is also being developed to provide NSW Health services with an instrument to analyse their current performance, capacity and support requirements to implement the guideline and key actions.

A consumer resource to accompany the guideline will also be developed.

Find out more and contact the End of Life and Palliative Care Network.

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