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25 Jun 2021 Reading time approximately

June is National Burn Awareness month, a joint initiative between Kidsafe and the Australia and New Zealand Burn Association. It aims to drive greater awareness of prevention and correct first aid treatment for burns.

The ACI Statewide Burn Injury Service (SBIS) is the largest burn service in the country and is actively involved in promoting prevention and first aid messages to the NSW community. Recently, we spoke to ABC Radio Sydney’s Focus program about the prevention of microwave-related burns. Anne Darton, SBIS Manager, talked about specific dangers and cautions with the use of microwaves and burn injuries.

Burn first aid facts: If you or someone you know is burnt take the following actions. If on fire: Stop, drop, cover face and roll, smother flames with a blanket and move away from heat source. Remove clothing and jewellery: Clothing can hold heat on the burnt area and if swelling occurs jewellery can stop blood flow to the burnt area. Apply cool running water: For at least 20 minutes, if no running water, wet two cloths and alternate on burn every fifteen seconds and do NOT use ice, butter, toothpaste or creams. Seek medical attention: For any burn bigger than 3cm or with blisters and if you have any concerns. Severe burns leave permanent scars.
Burn first aid facts.

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