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23 Feb 2021 Reading time approximately

  • In September 2020, the Patient Special Project (PSP) was established through a collaboration between the Aged Health Network, the Clinical Excellence Commission, University of Wollongong and clinical nurse representatives from local health districts. The PSP aims to improve the care and management of patients who require supervision and interventions to remain safe while in hospital. This involves developing a key principles document and clinical toolkit. A number of activities have been underway to inform this work.
    • The ACI’s Evidence team assisted in sourcing data to support the direction of the work. This was a difficult task given there is no standardised term used when providing a patient special service.
    • Working with the NSW Health Nursing and Midwifery Office the PSP team distributed a survey to staff seeking information about their local patient special services. A total of 434 surveys were returned; many suggesting that improvements to system processes and workforce education and training were required.
    • The PSP team were invited to present at the State Directors of Nursing and Midwifery meeting in April. It was a fabulous opportunity to engage with the group and consult on the direction of the work.
    • The Clinical Excellence Committee’s Patient Safety Unit isolated a total of 1,239 incidents by using search terms relating to ‘patient special services’ between 1 January and 25 April 2021. The data identified patients as having high risk of falls, cognitive impairment, confusion, dementia, delirium or mental health history.
    • The PSP team held two workshops with NSW clinicians and managers in May 2021, to discuss issues related to patient special services. One in-person workshop was held and the other was held virtually to reach staff who could not travel to Sydney. Both workshops were a success in brainstorming issues, solutions and building the foundation of a key principles document and clinical toolkit.
  • We are saying goodbye to Justine Watkins, Manager of the Aged Health Network and Deb Moss, Project Officer at the end of June 2021. They have successfully engaged health staff to participate and move the project forward to ensure the outcomes of the PSP match the needs of the clinical community.

  • Glen Pang will return as manager of the Aged Health Network from 1 July 2021 and looks forward to moving forward with the PSP and other network activities.

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