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23 Feb 2021 Reading time approximately

  • Professor Michael Nicholas is stepping down from his role as co-chair of the Pain Management Network; however, is remaining an active member of the network executive team. We would like to congratulate and thank Professor Nicholas for his contribution to the improvement of the NSW Health system through this role. His involvement with the network began in 2010 and he has been co-chair for the last six years. In this time, his significant achievements include:
    • advocacy, development and adoption of the electronic persistent pain outcomes collaborative tool
    • being intrinsically involved in the development of the NSW Pain Plan and implementation of the model of care
    • provision of expert subject matter material for the Pain Management Network web pages
    • supporting the education and training of multicultural, Aboriginal and primary care health professionals.
  • We welcome Fiona Hodson from CNC Pain Management, Hunter Integrated Pain Service, as our new co-chair. Fiona has been an active member of the Network since 2010 and involved in numerous sub-committees and projects, including President of the Australian Pain Society, 2017–2019. Fiona has previously worked for the ACI as a project officer, developing the Pain Management website and clinician/consumer resources, and has held other acting roles within the ACI, including Acting Pain Network Manager. We look forward to working with Fiona and co-chair Associate Professor Paul Wrigley, to set the strategic direction for the Pain Management Network in 2021.

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