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23 Feb 2021 Reading time approximately

  • The ECI has been busy supporting the COVID-19 Emergency Care Community of Practice. We are also using the COVID-19 response as a catalyst to review the role of ECI in improving emergency care across NSW. Please contact us to express your interest in being involved.
  • In October, the ECI launched the Emergency Procedures App, which has been accessed by more than 4,100 users from 67 countries. Emergency care clinicians can access almost 100 evidence-based medical procedures via the web-based app at
  • Michael Golding has departed the ECI as Clinical Director, and we would like to acknowledge his great achievements in supporting rural and regional emergency care, and driving many clinical resources, including the Pathway for Acute Coronary Syndrome Assessment.
  • We welcome Dr Trevor Chan as our new Clinical Director, immediate past director of St George Hospital ED and NSW Faculty Chair for the Australasian College for Emergency Medicine (ACEM).
  • Timothy Cooper has finished up as Network Manager of the ECI to further his education and career in medicine. The role is currently open for recruitment.
  • The ECI is pleased to welcome Emergency Medicine Advanced Trainees back to the team in 2021. Completing an ACEM accredited training term, the Advanced Trainees bring valuable clinical skills to the team while also having the opportunity to learn skills in medical administration, quality improvement, innovation and resource development.

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