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Drug and Alcohol Network

23 Feb 2021 Reading time approximately

  • The Alcohol and Drug Cognitive Enhancement (ACE) Program provides a suite of tools and resources to assist drug and alcohol clinicians to screen for, identify and respond to cognitive impairment in clients seeking treatment for substance use and addiction. This world-first program is nearing completion and we look forward to sharing more about the program in March.
  • Suzie Hudson, Clinical Director at the Network of Alcohol and other Drugs Agencies (NADA), has stepped into the role of co-chair for the ACI Drug and Alcohol Network for six months, replacing Tonina Harvey. Tonina has taken on extra duties at the Ministry of Health, Centre for Alcohol and other Drugs, and Suzie will be acting co-chair for this period. Suzie is a strong and passionate advocate for consumers and represents the alcohol and other drugs non-government sector. We thank her for stepping in and bringing her passion and dedication to the position.
  • We welcome Adrian Tait as a new consumer representative to the Drug and Alcohol Network. Adrian comes with lived experience, knowledge from study in the area and practical experience from volunteer and support work in the community. Adrian brings a passion for wanting to contribute to improving care for those experiencing harm as a result of their alcohol and drug use.

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