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Our position on Sponsorship

The ACI occasionally provides financial assistance in the form of small grants to organisations and programs to help them stage events, seminars and promotions that improve clinical practice or advance innovative models of care.

We also sponsor programs that raise awareness about clinician and consumer led reform and that disseminate knowledge to key stakeholders that will support implementation of sustainable models of care.

Guidelines for Applications

External parties that wish to submit a proposal for ACI sponsorship should be advised to download and complete the Sponsorship Application Form below.

Applications should be received by the ACI no less than four (4) weeks before the event proposed for sponsorship. In the application form, there are specific criteria which applicants need to address to show how their event, seminar or promotion being proposed for sponsorship aligns with the objectives of the ACI Strategic Plan.

What will be considered for sponsorship?

The ACI will consider sponsoring activities, events or services that:

  • Change or influence behaviours leading to improved clinical practice and better health outcomes for all - for example events or activities aimed at supporting implementation of models of care.
  • Communicate messages about best practice models of care, health pathways and/or associated support programs to the community generally and/or to specific targeted communities e.g. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people or Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Communities.
  • Increase awareness of the role of the ACI.
  • Attract significant positive media coverage related to awareness of models of care and/or clinical innovation.

For further information please contact the ACI Event Manager on (02) 9464 4666.

All sponsorship requests are subject to an approval process, ongoing management and evaluation to ensure communication opportunities are maximised.

Application Requirements

When assessing a submission for sponsorship the ACI will evaluate how involvement with the organisation will help us reach more people with key messages.

The following information may be useful to address in your application:

  • brief background of parent company, including whether a non government organisation
  • concise description of the sponsorship opportunity
  • history and objectives of sponsorship
  • past involvement in the event by NSW Health
  • sponsorship funds sought
  • list of benefits
  • level of exclusivity offered
  • list of current or confirmed sponsors
  • list of dates of events and location/s
  • start and finish dates of sponsorship
  • target audience and number of people expected to participate or form the audience
  • strategies to launch, publicise and promote the sponsorship, including television, radio and press coverage and use of personalities for promotional activities
  • details of additional activities ACI could participate in
  • contact person
  • Financial information
  • ABN number
  • evaluation methods

Where to submit your application

Applications are accepted in writing to: