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The Consumer Council creates a stronger consumer voice for safety, quality and innovation in health across the ACI and Clinical Excellence Commission (CEC).

The Consumer Council has the following objectives and responsibilities:

  • Provide advice on effective strategies for promoting partnerships with consumers to address patient safety priorities
  • Provide advice on strategies to raise community awareness and facilitate engagement in patient safety and quality improvement
  • Advise the ACI and CEC Boards on consumer representation within the respective organisations
  • Contribute the consumer voice to ACI and CEC strategic priorities
  • Lead, facilitate and optimise effective consumer representation within and across all levels of ACI and CEC.
  • Provide guidance as to how ACI and CEC support the health system to partner with patients in line with the National Standards


  • Adam Johnston
  • Bradley Rossiter
  • Coralie Wales
  • Craig Cooper
  • Fay Jackson
  • Harry Iles-Mann
  • Helen Mantziaris
  • Kathy Dempsey
  • Kelly Foran
  • Laila Hallam
  • Luke Escombe
  • Maria Heaton
  • Michael Morris
  • Ro Stirling-Kelly
  • Tomas Ratoni
  • Zoe Fernance

Contact Us

For more information about the Consumer Council, please contact:

Secretariat – Margaret Stichter,