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ACI Cultural Respect

Cultural respect describes the approach ACI is taking to ensure an evolving and responsive organisation. We are committed to equity of access for all people.

ACI Aboriginal Cultural Respect Framework

The key strategic initiative identified to meet this objective is to: develop a culture within the ACI which demonstrates respect for the needs and priorities of Aboriginal people and other priority populations in all ACI projects and activities.

A Framework for working effectively with Aboriginal people


  1. Trust and cultural respect
  2. Recognition of Aboriginal culture and traditions
  3. Holistic approaches to health
  4. Partnerships
  5. Participation of Aboriginal people in decision making

ACI Cultural Competency Action Plan

A Cultural Competency Action Plan has been developed for the organisation, which aims to support how the ACI will implement culturally competent processes into everyday work. The Action Plan includes objectives and initiatives such as:

  1. Establish a process to bring Aboriginal perspectives (from both LHD & Community Controlled experience) into ACI decision-making structures.
  2. Maintain an ongoing collaboration process with the NSW Ministry of Health (MoH) Centre for Aboriginal Health, Health Promotion Branch and Office of Preventative Health
  3. Undertake campaign/process to increase Aboriginal membership of Networks and Network Executives and/or effective input, involvement, consultation and provision of advice to Networks and portfolios.
  4. ACI Aboriginal Employment Strategy
  5. Continue Cultural Competency development activities
  6. Continue Facilitators Role in ACI
  7. Set targets to Close the Gap in Portfolio Work plans and ACI Operational Plan and Identify projects (with Directors and Managers of Aboriginal Health) to help achieve this
  8. Ensure effective application of Aboriginal Health Impact Statement Process
  9. Evidence Review – Chronic Care for Aboriginal People
  10. Develop respectful practices in research and evidence.
  11. Establish expertise to work with Aboriginal communities in relation to Patient Experience and Community Engagement.
  12. Develop an approach to impact measurement e.g. PRMs
  13. Evaluate/Review Action Plan
  14. Communicate progress of plan to staff and stakeholders
  15. Update Information on Intranet.

ACI Aboriginal Employment Strategy

The ACI is committed to workforce diversity and has developed an Aboriginal Employment Strategy to increase the representation of Aboriginal employees at the ACI through appropriate recruitment and retention and strategies, providing career development opportunities and ensuring that we become an organisation which demonstrates a high level of cultural competence within our staff and the work we do.

This strategy focuses on four key priorities:

  1. Attract Aboriginal staff
  2. Retain Aboriginal staff
  3. Support career development and progression
  4. Improve cultural competency in the workplace.

Development of this strategy has involved consultation with:

  • Aboriginal staff at ACI
  • ACI Executive
  • ACI Cultural Competence and Safety Working Party
  • Aboriginal Workforce Unit, NSW Ministry of Health
  • National Centre for Cultural Competence (NCCC).